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Fire & Smoke Control – Overview

Simple, revolutionary solutions for safe and reliable fire and smoke control systems and applications in buildings.

Systems & Modules Technology AG (SMT), a company headquartered in Switzerland, specializes in the development of easy to operate systems and applications for fire and smoke control solutions in buildings.

Our motto «Safe – Simple – Standard!» motivates us to offer our customers the simplest, safest and most flexible solution, and the one that is best tailored to their specific projects.

Thanks to our long-standing experience in this highly specialized field and many discussions with different customer groups in personal meetings, we have been able to identify the market needs for fire and smoke control systems. Apart from excellent quality and the safety aspects, the key market requirements, based on our customer feedback, for such a system are the following:

simple specifications

easy commissioning

easy handling

simple integration

simple and fast commissioning

simple operation

simple and automatic test run possibilities


Animation Universal System M240

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