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February 2021

A System-Set-Up could not be easier

Find out here how easily and with just a few components a system to control fire and smoke extraction dampers can be planned and implemented. 

With the system solutions from SMT you don't have to worry about cable length, repeaters, filters, etc. All you have to do is decide whether the power supply for the fire dampers is 230 V or 24 V and then select the appropriate UFC field controllers.

And last but not least: The system M240 offers you both - Modbus RTU and BACnet MS / TP communication for integration into building automation!


December 2020

New Address as of 1.1.2021 / Seasons Greetings

We are moving our offices and warehouse to a new and larger location and kindly ask you to adapt your system based on below information:

SMT Systems & Modules Technology AG
Bachtelstrasse 32
CH-8636 Wald

Phone +41552411020
Mobile R. Honegger: +41794003810
Mobile A. Schulthess: +41765304824

Email address for orders:

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November 2020

System M30-NM: The perfect System for Non-Motorized Fire Dampers

It has never been easier to integrate non-motorized fire dampers into a system. You value simplicity, especially when it comes to commissioning and maintenance - these are your advantages:

The bus-system M30-NM: Monitors up to 90 non-motorized fire dampers (end limit switches) in one zone (incl. air handler and alarm contacts). Automatic commissioning!

Simplified maintenance and visualization: The status of all connected, non-motorized fire dampers can be seen at a glance. Individual checking / logging of each input via the M30 controller. This can be done via remote access / Cloud, no site visit necessary!

Simple and price attractive: With the UFC24-NM-6 / UFC230-NM-6 there is no need for complex wiring of each end limit switch into the control cabinet! Up to 6 end limit switches can be monitored with one device.

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September 2020

Easy, free of charge remote access to fire damper systems

Remote access becomes more and more important especially in times like this. With the systems from SMT, free of charge Cloud access is integrated as Standard in each Controller.

Learn today how easy you access every single fire damper from your home or office.

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June 2020

Success Story with System M240

With the Universal System M240 you save time, space and money!
Based on the partial renovation of the psychiatry clinic St. Gallen Nord in Switzerland you see that these are not only nice words. Thanks to the modern bus wiring the 3 M240 controllers now take up substantially less space. They do not only control the fire dampers but also the ventilation systems.

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April 2020

Remote Access is Standard at SMT

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March 2020

NEW: Animation Universal System M240

Get an overview over this very simple and interesting system by watching the animation.

You will find additional information such as the data sheet under "Products".
Interested? Please get in contact with us!

1912 NEWS M240 EN

December 2019

NEW: Smart Controller M60 with new name M240

The M60 controller has been permanently improved with new features.
During this process and because it can be used to connect up to 240 dampers in 2 zones the name will be changed to M240 as of January 1, 2020.

You will find additional information such as the data sheet under "Products".
Interested? Please get in contact with us!

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December 2019

Christmas Greetings from SMT


October 2019

NEW: Controller M30 with automatic commissioning for small projects up to 30 fire dampers

You will find additional information such as the data sheet under "Products".
Interested? Please get in contact with us!

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June 2019

SMT Universal System at a Glance

Are you interested in getting a short overview over our Universal System?
Just one click on the animation below - enjoy!

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February 2019

SMT takes part at the ISH exhibition in Frankfurt. Visit us in hall 10.3, stand C93!

Our universal and revolutionary solutions to control fire and smoke extraction dampers are awaiting you.

Bus Monitoring EN

December 2018

UNIQUE: Bus monitoring function with ANY BACnet or Modbus Controller

Together with the UFC devices and for fire and smoke extraction dampers!
Bus monitoring function as STANDARD in all UFC devices for direct integration into ANY BACnet or Modbus Controller- and/or with the M60 Controller from SMT

Safe - Simple - Standard!

With the addition of the bus monitoring function we add a new, simple and important safety function for our already comprehensive equipped standard communication units. More to come...

Ring Structure Application SMT Dec 17

September 2018

Simple and cost efficient BACnet or Modbus Ring Structure for Fire and Smoke Extraction Dampers

The simplest Ring Solution for standard RS-485 bus systems - with 1 Bus-Cable!


We will keep you informed.