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The products and solutions from SMT are successfully installed in Europa and worldwide.

Below a selection of references.
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Hospital in Switzerland - renovation

Universal System M60 with UFC24 field controllers and integration into Sauter building automation system.

One big cabinet, which was necessary for the conventional control of the fire dampers, could be replaced  by 3 pcs M60 controllers.

Cables which where used for the wiring of every single fire damper could be removed thanks to the bus solution from SMT.

Care center in Belgium - renovation

464 fire dampers, UFC24-2 - direct integration into Priva building automation

Customer quote: “Thanks to the use of the bus system from SMT with the UFC devices, two technicians were ready one month earlier than planned. This resulted in substantial time and cost savings of 2-men-months!”

Production plant in Denmark - new building

100 fire dampers with UFC24 - direct integration via BACnet into Honeywell building automation

Convention center in Germany - new building

160 fire dampers, UFC230-2 - direct integration via BACnet into Kieback + Peter building automation

Public building in Belgium - new building

900 fire dampers, UFC24

Kindergarten in Norway - new building

30 fire dampers, UFC24-230, 1 M60 - stand-alone-solution with Universal System M60

Hospital in Portugal - renovation

120 fire dampers, UFC24 - direct integration via Modbus into Siemens building automation system

Office and residential building in Switzerland - new building

40 fire and 10 smoke extraction dampers, UFC24 - direct integration via BACnet into Sauter building automation system

Ben Gurion Tower Airport Tel Aviv - renovation

340 fire dampers, UFC24 - direct integration via Modbus into Saia Burgess building automatin system