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December 2018

UNIQUE: Bus monitoring function with ANY BACnet or Modbus Controller

Bus Monitoring EN

Together with the UFC devices and for fire and smoke extraction dampers!
Bus monitoring function as STANDARD in all UFC devices for direct integration into ANY BACnet or Modbus Controller- and/or with the M60 Controller from SMT

Safe - Simple - Standard!

With the addition of the bus monitoring function we add a new, simple and important safety function for our already comprehensive equipped standard communication units. More to come...

Summary Advantages/Functions:

Easy activation of the bus monitoring function of the UFC devices directly in ANY BACnet or Modbus controller and/or in the M60 controller

Adjustable delay time of the functionality

Fire or smoke extraction dampers go into safety position when bus is interrupted

Integrated as standard in all UFC devices (UFC24, UFC24-2, UFC230-2) and in the M60

All in one device: bus monitoring function, run time monitoring of the actuator, full auto test etc

The UFC devices are much more than just an IO module!

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